About the Artist

Jelila, the creator of Ubud Fairy Village, is an artist who has studied painting, drawing, and ceramics since she was a child, and has made art her whole life.

She attended Sir John Cass School of Art and won a place to study Fine art at Chelsea School of Art.

She has had many art exhibitions of her colourist expressionistic oil paintings, which you can see at Ubud Fairy Village and also online if you search for ‘Jelila Art’.

Sculptures in Paperclay

At Ubud Fairy Village you’ll find many sculptural items – all the fairy houses, towers and castles in the Fairy Village are little individual sculptures, completely made by hand, often made in pieces which have been joined together and built up into larger structures.

The castle towers are an example of this, usually made in 3 or 4 pieces, which are then joined. The Ice Cream Palace has 13 major towers, each made from 3 or more segments, making 33 tower segments in all, just for that piece. It also has many ‘ice cream blobs’ that were all individually made, painted, and sparkled.

The Elves and the Shoemaker


Some larger sculptures in the Fairy Village include – The Elves and the Shoemaker – a scene or vignette displays 2 larger elf figures, sewing large shoes for the shoemaker and his wife. Lots of details are included, the needle and thread, spools, pot of glue, lasts, hammers and other shoemaker’s equipment are all modelled in detail.

The fairy story of the Elves and the Shoemaker, in case you don’t know it, is that the shoemaker couldn’t keep up with business, and so two elves crept in, in the night to make all his shoes for him, every night sewing together the leather that the shoemaker had cut the day before, until he became very rich.

As the shoes were made and sold, so the shoemaker could buy and cut, even more leather, which was automatically made into shoes by the next morning.
Ultimately the shoemaker and his wife stayed awake to spy on who was helping them and find out who they were. They saw the elves, and the wife determined to make them each a fine suit of clothes, this was done, and on receiving the outfits, the elves put them on, went off and were never seen again!


Rapunzel is another large paperclay sculpture that has been made in Ubud Fairy Village. It comprises a tower, which is about 4 feet tall, made of paperclay over a cardboard base. The round tiled ‘roof’ is made of hand-painted and cut cardboard tiles. Two round windows at the top of the tower are surrounded by round, paperclay ‘stones’ which form a frame for the two ‘Rapunzel’ figures that sit at the top of the tower.

Rapunzel is a story of a girl who was imprisoned by a witch in a tower, and the witch used to command Rapunzel to ‘let down her hair’ so she could climb up it. A handsome prince ends up overhearing Rapunzel’s beautiful song in the forest, discovers her, and climbs up her hair himself…

You can also see a small model of the price, preparing to climb up Rapunzel’s hair, at the base of the tower. We have considered re-writing Rapunzel, so that she climbs down her own hair, and escapes. Why not?

Fairy Sculptures and Dolls House Miniatures

In Ubud Fairy Village Shop, you can buy many tiny sculptures, all made by hand, by Jelila’s staff – tiny chairs, tables, miniature fairy food, fairies themselves, and more.

You can have a go at sculpture yourself in art classes and workshops at Ubud Fairy Village – this can start as easily as making a miniature fairy cake, and you can learn all the basic skills of paperclay, and more, at our workshops, where you can make a fairy, make a fairy garden, make a flowered watering can, or make something special with us.

Book Guided Playtime

Guided Playtime

In Guided Playtime, you can play with what we have available (and/or your child can) – you need to be present with your children, and if you want to, we’ll encourage you to join in and play and have fun as well!

Wendy House ~ Train track time ~ Floor garden ~ Train set (you build) ~ Hang the figures on the tree ~ Fairy Village Treasure Hunt (Optional and Coming Soon) ~ Dolls House ~ Paperclay Play (guided)

1 Adult and Child / Hour




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